Wrestling fan dating site dating filipino

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Wrestling fan dating site

The basic concept of this site is to connect people that share a similar passion of professional wrestling.

I, along with the rest of my employees, have been life-long wrestling fans.

Whether you are online looking for companionship, friendship or just a one night stand, something that you hope for in the person you are talking to is to find something of interest that can spark a conversation and gets things going.

How great would it be to find someone that shares that very same passion?Our site will allow people to find matches based on questions such as favorite wrestler, favorite manager, and favorite tag team.We also provide space for users to talk about what drove them to wrestling and to discuss the experiences of any live events they may have been to.Also, we found that many other sites have questionnaires that run way too long and we want to cut out unnecessary questions and get down to it.You don’t want to feel like you’ve written your College thesis by the time you’re done. We offer people the ability to find people, whether they are the opposite sex or the same sex.

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One of the most featured questions concerning this idea is; “How come this has not been done before?

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