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Wmp constantly updating media library

Is there anyway to turn this gets heavy on system resources and also slows down the…

Windows Media Player has grown into a pretty amazing application with multiple personalities.

There are three options for playing audio and video media in Windows Media Player 11.

These include audio CDs and video DVDs, media stored on your hard disk, and media accessible over a home network.

To play an audio CD or DVD in Windows Media Player 11, follow these steps: To play an item stored on your hard disk, add it to the library following the instructions in the section "Adding Items from Your Computer to Your Library." After the item is added to the library, you can select the media you want to view by double-clicking it in the Library view.

If you want to add an item to the Now Playing list, right-click the item and select Add to Now Playing.

To do this, click the Turn Shuffle On button shown in Figure 8.1.

TIP When playing large amounts of media from your library, you may want to have the player randomly choose the next song to play or shuffle your playback.

If you insert a DVD and it doesn't run, that's probably the problem.

Installing a decoder is typically a simple software update you can download from the Web.

But correct album arts are displayed while playing the media.

How I can I force windows media player to update the album art info?

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Windows media player has emerged as a prominent audio/video manager in the past few years.

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