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Why is warhawk not updating

No multiplayer game, before or since, has grabbed my full attention like Warhawk did back in 2007.

I think the key thing, at least for me, was its simplicity.

Before Modern Warfare waded in and changed multiplayer games forever, Sony's online-only shooter dropped you into a match, left you to find weapons or vehicles with which to take down the opposition, and that was pretty much it. It made for very fun, unpredictable battles that prioritised improvisation and skill.

No two matches were quite the same, due to the huge maps and a variety of weapons and vehicles.

The game felt like it had stepped straight out of the Play Station 2 era, too.

The controls were loose and a bit unwieldy; I remember rushing into conflicts on foot and spamming the grenade button, hoping to get a kill.

Warhawk: At The Finish- by Guitar Ted The time on the State Bicycle Co.

The thing I most appreciate about Warhawk looking back on it now is how confident it was being its own thing.

The first time I heard about Warhawk, I think I’d literally just left school, so that just goes to show how long Incognito’s shooter has been kicking around. ), but I didn’t really know what it was or why he was so obsessed with it – I was a full-on Halo fanboy in those days, and this sure as hell didn’t have Master Chief.

I wouldn’t be until around 2008 until I got my first taste of the exclusive’s 32-player battles, and I didn’t really understand it at first.

I even ended up a pretty good player because I was on it so much, a level of skill I've sadly yet to replicate elsewhere.

When I think back on Warhawk, it's hard to name precise things that stand out.

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The sound design was excellent, and the gameplay was perfectly pitched, but my memories of the game seem to blur together into one nostaglic highlight reel.

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