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They shared their emails and started talking through it.

Also, see: Actor Vic Mignogna talks about what it's like being married to Michele Specht After all these years, Vic and Michele had thousands of Skype chats, a cross-country move, a dozen cosplays, hundreds of conventions, and a couple of world trips to their memories.

They had set their wedding date on the 7th of August, 2013.

But, the couple had to postpone their wedding for their personal reasons.

We will reveal all about their romantic relationship. The Hazel-eyed actress, Michele Specht has been dating another actor Vic Mignogna for a long time now.It was heard that the couple got engaged but, the details of their engagement is still hidden.The couple, Vic Mignogna and Michele Specht had been ready for their marriage as they had already engaged.Mignogna has also voiced several video games characters.His first voice over was for the Street Fighter II character Vega.

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When Vic started his speech, he captivated the lady as she fell for him.