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Who is smokey robinson dating

At the bottom, it was signed ‘William S Smokey Robinson Tamla Motown’. Since 1987, the music industry has changed so much but the beauty of a verse and the chorus remains the same.We have a new album out called The Lexicon of Love II, a sequel to a previous album.

Having just finished a course of chemo, the recording sessions were really tough. It was a terrible period but out came this great record and after Top Pop, things just fell into place.

We have an eight-piece band touring with us in October.

We realised fans were hungry for new songs as our audience has grown.

Long may that tradition of getting together and just partying exist for people of all generations.

I got married the same year this photo was taken to Julie, who has stuck by me during some very difficult times.

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Three months later, I bumped into Smokey again in Los Angeles where we were performing at Solid Gold, a TV show.