Who is lebron james dating 2016

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Who is lebron james dating 2016

Here is what you need to know: An Instagram model by the name of Heidi Hoback recently shared a photo that she says is a screenshot showing a direct message that she received from the NBA star.“A red headed, half naked white white woman is claiming that The King James slid into her DMs, offering to ‘teach’ her some things.

She took a screenshot of the message and posted it to her snapchat, referring to Le Bron as the ‘biggest Buck ever in her DMs,'” Bossip reported.

Cleveland Cavaliers star Le Bron James is married to his high school sweetheart, Savannah Brinson.

The two have a solid relationship that is built on mutual support, respect, and love.

And this is the lady, the woman I’ve been with through all the good and all the bad,” he added.

Check out part of James’ sit-down with Winfrey in the video below.

Not only did she turn 30, which is a fairly big milestone, but she also had a few other big reasons to celebrate.

In honor the 2018 ESPY Awards this week, here's a look at more sports stars who married their middle school, high school or college love. Alex Morgan met her husband Servando Carrasco in college. It took me six months to get the courage to talk to her again.

Both played soccer at University of California-Berkeley. I finagled my way to get invited to a party that I knew she'd be at." Clayton Kershaw and his wife Ellen started dating in high school.

They started dating when Brinson was just 16 years old.

Now, well over a decade later, the two are happily married with three children.

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According to , the two attended rival high schools and met at a football game.