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This also means that the people of North Korea have to rely on their government to fulfill their every need.

If the parents want their daughter to focus on her education and avoid occasional hard labor, they need to either bribe the schoolteachers or stop sending her to school altogether, forcing her to miss the single opportunity she has at an education.

The below photo was taken at the Mansu Hill Grand Monument. Their loyalty is determined by their own behavior, their political background, their economic and social status, and the behavior of their family and relatives going back three generations.

The uniformed, hardworking girls are sweeping one of the walkways as a form of public service. According to an anonymous source from Pyongyang, who contacted South Korea newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, Men in North Korea were ordered to cut their hair so it wasn’t longer than 2 centimeters.

Looking at the results as a whole, though, shows that 68% of all the countries in the world have a serious corruption problem, but North Korea definitely takes the cake.

By the way, there is no perfect corrupt-free country according to the Corruption Perceptions Index.

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