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Validating data filemaker

Validating Fields in File Maker Get up to speed with the File Maker Video Training Course!You can select validation options to ensure that data is entered into a field correctly.Client-side prompts and validation checks assist in the data entry process, including both within-form and cross-form checks.Web-based data collection does have its disadvantages.Richard is the Product Manager for FM Starting Point, the popular and most downloaded free File Maker CRM Starter Solution.Looking for FM Starting Point free software download: Richard won 2015 Excellence Award from File Maker Inc (Apple Inc) for outstanding video and product creation, leading to business used, the calculation results must exactly match the contents of the field being evaluated.

Second, some of the methods often used to transmit and validate data such as XML or Java Script can be lengthy and add to the amount of information that has to be passed between the client and the server.If you are validating fields by calculation that return fractional results, you can use the You can set auto-enter and validation options for external fields for ODBC tables.These field options only affect how you work with these external fields in File Maker Pro.To avoid confusion when using dates in File Maker Pro, set field validation options to make sure dates are always entered with four-digit years.For more information on how File Maker Pro handles dates with two-digit years, see , then enter the number of kilobytes.

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When validation options are selected, File Maker Pro displays a message if you enter data incorrectly.