Updating software on nook color

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Updating software on nook color

You can also view on how users Nook Friends’ content ratings and reviews, shared quotes, recommendations and how they’re progressing on their latest book.

You could call this Barnes & Noble’s take on the digital book club and it will be interesting to see users’ response to it.

While the Nook Color doesn't feel as zippy as the i Pad, the pinch-and-zoom feature really does improve the browsing experience (pages simply don't zoom quite as smoothly as they do on an i Pad, but the feature works relatively well).

We thought pinch-and-zoom browsing should have been included at launch, but we're glad it's been added now.

And I get a note - there's a software update, and it's recommended that I download it and install it right away. The Nook HD is ancient by today's standards, and B&N hasn't rolled out any updates for its OS in years. I suppose I was thinking that it might be a security patch of some kind, perhaps a fix to some internal glitch that was only now being discovered. It'll need to reboot to fully install the thing. The name of the update is "Version" Does anyone know anything about this?

I can confirm a software update for * ahem * Nook Color. Device shows version 1.4.4 and update was related to better battery life.https://nook.barnesandnoble.com/u/Software-Updates-NOOK-Color/379003190I brought my Nook to B&N today, and they were worse than useless.

Their only solution was to reset the device back to its factory settings. This isn't "fried" - it just won't complete the loading sequence for some reason. It's possible to copy the software to an SD card and install it, hopefully returning the Nook to normal.

Surely, there's something I can do to fix it, right? There's an XDA thread here that explains the process of copying Clock Work Mod to an SD card, booting from it, and installing the OS.

Rumor had it that update might come , but its arrival remains very much up in the air.So, to verify that the update has been successfully done or not, you will have to go to the Settings from the Quick Navigation bar after which you will have to tap on the Device info and then simply scroll down and tap on the “About Nook color” after which you will see that your nook color is updated to the latest customized version of froyo 2.2 to 1.2.0 version.Do, let us know if you face any issues while upgrading as we will see to it that all issues are solved.So now let’s proceed and see on how you can easily install the latest and the official version of customized version of Froyo 2.2 version Nook app store: Just like Apple’s App Store and Android’s Android Market Place, its high time that nook color too steps in the world of app store with the launch of Nook App store with 125 dedicated applications ranging from Angry birds for nook color to drawing pad apps to many other which are sure to excite you as from so many days these applications were due and the need for the same was increasing day by day with the ever increasing demands of the people.Also, after users have demanded for the slide page turn animation, it has now been inducted in the update.

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The Nook updates automatically, there isn't anything you can do about it other than never connecting to the internet or hacking it.

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