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I figure I can put the WHILE loop in a UDF and call the UDF in the SELECT clause.

To populate a cursor, database tables are iterated on row-by-row basis rather than in sets.Next, we'll declare our cursor, open it and move it to the first record.At the same time we'll read the first film's Oscar wins into the variable we declared earlier. We'll start by setting up the basic structure of the loop and adding a quick test to ensure that our variable is accumulating the number of Oscars.Relational database management systems including SQL Server are very good at processing data in sets.However, if you want to process data on row-by-row basis rather than in sets, cursors are your only choice.

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You can make things a little more obvious by explicitly stating that the cursor is to be used for updating, as shown below: This cursor can be used to update any field from the underlying data set.