Updating display driver

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Updating display driver

Graphics or video card driver is one of the first drivers that we install after performing a reinstall or clean install of Windows operating system.Windows 10 automatically downloads and installs graphics driver and other important device drivers in the background by default, making it easier for users to start using their Windows 10 computer without having to manually install device drivers.Complete the given below directions to reinstall the graphics, video or display driver in Windows 10.Step 1: Right-click on the Start button on the taskbar and then click Device Manager to open the same.Step 2: In the Device Manager, expand Display adapters to see your graphics, video or display card entry.If you have multiple video cards, all of them will appear here.If you feel that your PC’s video or graphics driver is not working, reinstalling the driver is the perfect solution.

Step 2 : Install your driver Disconnect the computer from the Internet, go again into Device Manager, uninstall the driver installed by Windows and install your own.

Restart your computer if the setup file asks you to do so. You have successfully reinstalled the video, graphics or display driver in Windows 10.

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The procedure below will block updates for all versions of the driver, present and future.

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