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In my article on behalf of the Ukrainian woman I will try to shed light on the situation, bust some myths, or at least express my opinion on the relationship between foreign men and Ukrainian women. Don’t care what others say I try to be courteous towards ladies of other nations.

And I think that beauty matters only at the moment of acquaintance.

And with the Internet, you know what to do — use maps, if you get lost, order Uber, and whatever.

Use Uber as a way to get around the city, instead of catching a taxi on the street.

A taxi will cost about 500–800 Hryvnia (approximately 15–20 US dollars / euro) to the city center.

If you plan to stay in Kyiv for a week or more, I recommend you to buy a local SIM-card, it costs $ 3–5 and will give you the unlimited Internet.

Traffic jams in Kyiv happen at peak hours: 9 am and 6 pm.

Choose where to stay in Kyiv by yourself, because everyone has different tastes, budgets and desires.

You will need an air-conditioned apartment in summer and warm clothes in winter: gloves, hat, warm jacket — must have, do not neglect your health.

And I partly agree with him, women use makeup like professional makeup artists.

Ha-ha And an important point — do not think if a girl with bright makeup and in heels, she is certainly a prostitute.

Snotty man is unlikely to attract a woman of his dreams.

Ha-ha Most likely, you will arrive at Boryspil Airport, which is located 40 km from Kyiv (20 miles).

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Taking into account the natural beauty, competition between women is increasing.

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