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Twin dating website

Zuckerberg—caught up in scandal after scandal involving everything from his platform misusing private data to helping spread political disinformation—seems more James Bond villain than plucky, awkward hero.And even more surprising, the twins are also back in the news.Called the Harvard Connection—and later renamed Connect U—their project was a dating website/social network aimed at connecting students through shared interests.Their own programmer had left campus to work for Google, so they were in need of someone with the necessary computer skills to complete their nearly finished coding. From what they’d read in the , Zuckerberg more than fit the bill.Not just identical—but twins, an even stranger twist of biology.

Curious, I arranged to meet the subject of the email the next night at Bar 10 at the Westin in the Back Bay.Mirror twins, however, don’t separate until later, around the eighth to 12th day, after which a monozygote that split would most likely end up conjoined.Where identical twins are close—often thinking similarly and communicating wordlessly—mirror twins are like one person split in two.Today, Zuckerberg is no longer the revolutionary; Facebook, the company that grew out of his dorm room, is now one of the most powerful businesses on earth.It is the establishment, one of the silos controlling much of the data that flows through the Internet.

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In an unlikely second act, these former emblems of the establishment have suddenly been recast as revolutionaries, carrying the flag for a disruptive new technology that might one day overshadow Zuckerberg’s creation itself.