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As such, Robin recruits a band of merry men to help him battle Prince John and the Sheriff, they, who include: Blinkin, his blind longtime servant; Ahchoo, the misguided son of Asneeze, the man who helped him escape from prison while fighting in the Crusades; Little John, who seems to think that being called Little is only coincidental to the fact of he being a hulking man; and Little John's friend,...DIRECTOR TRADEMARK (Mel Brooks): A character says, "Walk this way".Robin is arrested, with Marian promising to marry the Sheriff in order to spare Robin's life.

Upon returning to England, Robin finds Asneeze's son, Ahchoo, and discovers that Prince John has assumed control while King Richard is away fighting in the Crusades.

Marian is carried off to the tower by the Sheriff, who wants to deflower her but cannot open her chastity belt.

Robin arrives and begins to duel the sheriff, during which Robin's key falls into the lock of Marian's chastity belt.

They plan to hold an archery tournament to attract Robin.

Maid Marian hears of the plot, and sneaks out of her castle to warn Robin, accompanied by her German lady-in-waiting Broomhilde.

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The characters, to whom this line is said, mimic the way the speaker walks.

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