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Sevilla are six points off the top four and three points behind Los Che so despite a poor start this season they aren't too far behind now and that shows you how massive and how important the win over Los Blancos was.

His comments after the Basque Derby which ended in a 0-0 draw when he said 'It was like a British Derby' that didn't go down too well in the local press or with the La Real supporters either let me tell you.

I do feel that Moyes's failings as coach of La Real will put a La Liga club off in future regarding appointing a British coach and it's understandable, Apirrebay the La Real president stayed supporting Moyes right until the very end but the board wanted him gone and the Las Palmas defeat suffocated Apirrebay so much so that in the end he knew he had to remove Moyes from his position.

Moyes will receive a pay off from the club that will see him receive between 3 and 4 Million Euros so it's a costly pay off for the club but it's one that has to be made unfortunately because this side is top seven material and shouldn't be in the relegation zone or anywhere near it for that matter to be honest.

British football is very poor at club level, its coaches are very poor and its players are very poor and when they are put on the big stage in Europe they're exposed and exposed visually and that's what happened for Moyes at La Real.

Moyes is a great bloke, I've nothing against him but his failure to learn enough Spanish to communicate to his players in Spanish over the year he spent in Spain is one of the main reasons to his downfall and his exit from La Real.

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They've played five away games in La Liga this season and those have seen them play away to Malaga, Levante, Las Palmas, Eibar and Villarreal and they've only scored in four of their five away games this season and only managed to find the net three times on their travels this season and that's poor for Sevilla's standard and the quality they have in their side going forward.