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Then, there’s people seeking to make a bunch of money off of insecure young men, basically scammers and slightly sociopathic pickup artists trying to sell their weekend programs. Some of them have good insights but the economic model that they have is very different from what we’re doing in Mate. That’s what we know.” Other folks are more like, “How can we make thousands of dollars out of young men’s insecurity before we give away useful information.” Brett Mc Kay: Was there a time in our culture when we passed on this information about successful courtship and successful mating?

They wanted to know, number 1, how do I get more confident, number 2, conversation, how do I talk to women. It’s very hard to feel confident if you don’t understand what women really want and if you know you haven’t cultivated the traits that they really want because then, you get this impostor syndrome where you feel like, “Okay, maybe I can talk a good line.

Normally, that stuff was considered sacred and secret.

A lot of it had to do with hunting and gathering, not necessarily with mating but a lot of it was sexual wisdom.

We talk about how even the place you live can affect your dating chances and some things you can do to change that. I’m sure a lot of our listeners know him for his I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell. Geoffrey Miller: Granted it sounds like a bizarre match at first glance but actually, Tucker’s a really bright guy, knows a lot of the science already.

If you’re a single guy, a lot of great information for you. What happened was I read an interview with Tucker by a friend of mine that had happened back in 2011.

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