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Its a valid and legal job, but would you encourage someone to take up this line of work. Actually, pretty sure Emily meant that as an entirely value-judgement-free observation.

There may be an overlap in a couple of the girls working both upstairs and downstairs, but the majority of them aren’t sex workers so it’s factually wrong to presume that they are. Quote should be: “A lot of the dancers are students, or travelers. Neither lifestyle is more or less valid than yours.” And let me then requote Tallulah’s comment back at you: “I don’t know if you’ve heard, but many sex workers make a lot of money, doing something they love.

Also, the girls at Mermaids don’t get fully naked – g-strings have to stay on.

On the whole, I’d say Dreamgirls is a more fun experience, possibly because it feels slightly seedier, but the management are nicer.

The backrooms are not fancy at all, and the women’s bathroom is pretty crappy. You can buy crappy overly sweet bubbles for at Dreamgirls.Gold Escorts are those that wish to promote themselves above the other escorts on NZ Girls.In most cases, Gold escorts on NZ Girls offer high quality sex services which may include girl friend experience, sensual massage and full service sex.Either way, I highly recommend you find yourself a friend who likes buying you lapdances before you visit either place, since they’re 0 per half hour at Dreamgirls and god only knows how much they cost at Mermaids.Tagged as: performance, reviews, strip clubs “Just because a girl is dancing in a strip club, and there is a brothel upstairs, does not mean that you can pay her for sex.” Yeah I don’t quite buy that argument.

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