Tamara 54 ago poltava dating

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Tamara 54 ago poltava dating

Assyrians called Cimmerians Gimirrai (Hebrew Gomer; Gen.XI) Hesiod, 7th Century BC, writes: Inventors of bronze working were Scythians.His son Sunni went with 500 members of his Hia nationality to Hun relatives.Hia still has many common words with Altaic languages Oldest Trkic words are in Chinese annual chronicles noting cultural and political events.

Typical Hunno-Bulgars probably had a squarish face, high cheekbones, and slanting eyes.

Only a part of land returned to Chjou Scyths (Assyrian Ashguzai, Heb. Greeks viewed Macedonians as barbarians (non-Greeks), and consequently treated them in same manner in which they treated all non-Greeks.

Earliest occurrence of Parthian name in form of Aparnoi or Parnoi in Turan.

Hsiung-nu words tanry, kut, byor, ordu, tug, kylych etc are oldest monuments of Trkish language.

State rulers' endoethnonym is Hun, Trkic "man, male, people" Amorite King, Hammurabi, conquers Sumer.

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Early Mesopotamian name of metal Zubur, indicates that northern Mesopotamian Subartuan's or a people of region were indeed inventors of process. Herodotus dating of this event remains uncertain but traditionally it is seen as falling between reigns of Phraortes and Cyaxares and as covering years 653 to 625 BC. Stiehlel writes, it is quite obvious that language of old Avesta is closely tied to ancient Altaic languages.

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