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Sport gipen

Its multinational origin has led to countless layers of bureaucracy.

While the aircraft itself is impressive, its expensive and inefficient industrial model was clearly designed by committee.

Institutionella investerare är de mest troliga nya ägarna, anser Per Strömberg, professor vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm och expert på riskkapital.

Erbjudandet hålls på en begränsad nivå för att lättare kunna motivera medarbetare..

Possibly the biggest strike against the Typhoon is its "partner nations" is the disinterest from its own "partner nations". All the original Eurofighter partners seem to be happy to let the Typhoon stagnate.

Instead, momentum is building for its (and the Rafale's) replacement.

It was a great week for us here at Swedish Startup Space - we bought on a couple of new contributors who are really helping to broaden our coverage of Swedish technology.

Einar has been focusing really hard on high-tech and the Uppsala engineering scene whilst new contributor Marwan has continued to post humorous anecdotes about technology and "Swedishness"..

In a competition that places emphasis on industrial, technological, and economic benefits; this CANNOT be overstated.“Second, both parties concluded that the significant recent revision of industrial technological benefits obligations does not sufficiently value the binding commitments the Typhoon Canada package was willing to make, and which were one of its major points of focus.” The Typhoon is a great fighter. While a great deal has been said about the Typhoon's future potential, very little has been actually done about it.Possibly one of the best fighters flying in the world right now. Unfortunately, Canada is not buying fighters based on "now" it is buying fighters for the post-2025 timeframe. No current customer has been willing to bankroll the improvements needed to make the Typhoon competitive compared to it rivals.Promised upgrades like conformal fuel tanks and thrust-vectoring seem to have died on the vine.With Typhoon production coming to an end, the chances of seeing these upgrades seem slim. Canada could likely order a Typhoon with AESA radar and advanced display...

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