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Social engineering dating

Social conditioning represents the environment and personal experience in the nature and nurture debate.Society in general and peer groups within society set the norms which shape the behavior of actors within the social system.Such repetition contributes to basic social conditioning.

On a micro scale, the individual is conditioned to partake in the social norms of the said group even if they contradict his or her personal moral code.It's transmitted to us through different processes, with socialization—our internalization of society's values, beliefs and norms—being the main one." The particular manner or influence that one is exposed to is associated by the herd that he or she is involved in.Social conditioning bases its principals on the natural need for an animal to be a part of a pack.Manifestations of social conditioning are vast, but they are generally categorized as social patterns and social structures including nationalism, education, employment, entertainment, popular culture, religion, spirituality and family life.The social structure in which an individual finds him or herself influences and can determine their social actions and responses.

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Though society shapes individuals; however, it was the individual who made society to begin with and society in turn shaped and influenced us.