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He had been doing this for the past two years at least once or twice a week as well as going to porn sites regularly. If it was a sting operation I would presume the girl only looked underage rather than actually being underage. I've know a couple of women in their twenties who looked much younger — one who seriously looked like she was fourteen, which she found most annoying — but who were still in their twenties.

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They seemed unreal, happening as if he were in a trance.

The harsh reality of being under investigation was a terrible shock to him.

Some time ago a young man was referred to me with a tentative diagnosis of paraphilia, the scientific term for sexual perversion.

Although he was soon to become a sex offender, convicted of having online sex with an under-age girl, oddly enough he had no perverse inclinations. He played with his father in his church band and sang as well.

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When he did, he was startled to find her lying naked on a couch, masturbating.