Sergio di zio dating

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Sergio di zio dating

Canadian television veteran who is best recognized for playing the role of Mike Scarlatti on Flashpoint.Also a voice actor, he provided the voice of Tersh on fifteen episodes of Babar and the Adventures of Badou.He also has a Twitter account which can be followed to keep in touch with his daily activities.With his successful career gaining more and more followers, many fan pages and fan sites are found in his name over the internet.Even at the age of 44, Sergio doesn’t have a wife and children.

If you go through Zio’s official Instagram profile, you will hardly find his photos with women, but there are many posts in which he is seen with men.

He has starred in much other television series throughout his career.

Some of his popular works include The Lookout, The Boondock Saints, Cinderella Man, and Senior Trip which were also a success with his well-known Flashpoint Series.

He made his acting debut at age 13, in the 1995 film, National Lampoon's Senior Trip.

He is known for action film roles in The Lookout and The Boondock Saints. He had a supporting role in the 2005 drama, Cinderella Man with Russell Crowe.

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Since his debut in the acting career, he has cast in a movie or a TV show every year boosting his career forward. Sergio has appeared in more than thirty movies and TV shows and has been able to stand alongside many popular actors.

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