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An Employee class could be a model, as would a Car class, or even a collection of Stocks. NET MVC application, but are specifically used by the controller and rendered in the view.

Visual Studio will automatically generate a skeleton MVC project to start with. Before jumping into the code, you should have at least a basic understanding of what the Model, View, and Controller pieces are within an ASP . The most visible piece is the View, which resides in the Views folder. The Controller is the layer which connects the View to the Model.Now that we’ve created our controls, lets link the view to the controller by defining the function to handle the Lookup button.To handle the Lookup button, we’ll create a new function in Home directly after the Index() function, as follows: The Ajax.NET MVC project, we can now move on to creating our first Controller. In the Controller, we still have access to override various events, but the core processing logic will occur using the REST architecture (basic URL requests).Therefore, you won’t see the typical Page_Load() function within this example. A new controller will be added to your MVC project, containing a single function, Index().

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This post talks about how to validate model state automatically in ASP.

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