Sedating your donkey

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Sedating your donkey

Massaging the end points of the Kidney meridians for even two or three minutes has the power to restore the normal direction of flow.

As the still body came into sight, I let him step ahead by the full length of the lead. He rushed up to Shilo’s body, lowered his head, and in astoundingly systematic order proceeded to thoroughly investigate it. As he turned toward me with mournful eyes to walk back down the hill, there was no more angst or rush. Any type of great stress is capable of literally reversing the direction of energy flow through the meridians.

Jimmy slowed down after a little while, but Colonel continued, his distraught whinnying shattering the silence of the surrounding hills.

Grief is as real and impactful in horses as in people, though it may not always be readily observable.

Colonel signaled the correction had taken place by taking a deep breath.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is well understood how energy meridians and emotions are interrelated, giving us great pointers on how to efficiently help those who are grieving move through their emotions in a healthy way .

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He would have grieved over her absence one way or the other, and understanding that she wouldn’t return allowed him to stop waiting for her to come back.