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Ruby speed dating

" Blake asked."She said you left your porn laptop here." Yang said."Oh…" Blake said, blushing. "Not like Ruby's not seen some in her day.""But, the first one I was watching was one of us." Blake said."o-oh.' Yang said, blushing. "So, uh…""We just tell her if she asks." Yang said. Cinder laughed, patting Neo on the head."Sassy little thing, isn't she? "Neo and Ruby nodded, Ruby blushing as she looked at Weiss."I-I'm ready to g-go." Ruby said."Alright." Weiss said, extending her hand. "Maybe a movie or something.""Have you been on a date before me?

"Besides, she's at Cinder's for her session.""How are those going, by the way? "It seems like they're doing well.""Yeah.' Yang said. Hopefully, she'll be better before the year's out.""I hope so too." Blake said. " Weiss said, raising an eyebrow."Cute as all get out though." Cinder said, smirking. Ruby stared at it for a minute unsure of what to do with it. "It's a place that's very special to me.""Alright." Weiss said. "Most girls don't get brought home, but I figured since it was right next to Cinder's, I'd bring you in for a special meal and date.

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” she looks up the stairs in hesitation. Random and broken antiques dotted the tables in an effort to provide ambiance, but failing miserably. Just as Lingling and I were about to bolt, the organizer of the event dragged us to the far end of the room where we found ourselves face to face with 15 men and 15 women.

A strange, musky cologne scent (also similar to my grandmother) permeated the air. We were given name tags and two sets of stickers, 5 blue and 5 red, and told to stand in a line with the women, facing the line of 15 men head on. The Players I look around to check out the other contenders. I counted at least four nerds with pocket protectors, shifting their eyes from the ground to the girls while fumbling their fingers.

His expression was apathetic and disinterested, and I could feel the ladies swoon over him. Survival of the Stickers “Hello everyone and welcome,” our host smiles.

“Now first of all, we’re going to have the line of women go up to each man and introduce herself for a few seconds.

The blonde began to stir, Blake not moving her arms from around her."Morning, Blake.' Came Yang's muffled voice. Ruby held one cone with two strawberry scoops and Neo had three with five scoops each, each one different.

Her eyes were an amber color, seeming to flash when she was angry."So" Cinder said, looking over some papers. Cinder put her hands on Ruby, slowly rubbing them up and down her body, noting Ruby begin to calm down."Did she ever…" Cinder trailed off."No." Ruby sad, shaking her head. Kinda like yours, but a little colder.""Interesting.' Cinder said, chuckling. ""She said 'call me'." Ruby said, squealing a little, prompting a laugh out of Cinder."She did, did she? "Something about the wrong laptop.""O-oh yeah.' Ruby said. Neo pouted again, puffing her cheeks out as well."You're adorable, you know that, right? Neo grinned in response, jumping on Ruby and wrapping herself around her, nuzzling up to her."You sure she's actually seventeen? " Cinder asked."Exactly." Weiss said, rolling her eyes."Let's go get ice cream! Ruby carried the smaller girl out to the car, revving it up and taking off. "This isn't what most people imagine when they're brought home for a date. "I tried to make it obvious."Both girls laughed as Weiss and Ruby divided the cookie cake up, eating some. "If you say so."Ruby put the movie in the player, sitting on the couch with Weiss and wrapping a blanket around them."Very romantic.' Weiss said.Remember, you only have five stickers, so use them sparingly.” I choke on my coffee and start coughing. Blame my morals, or my upbringing, or just plain call it a way to rebel against this ridiculous “game”—but I just couldn’t rank these poor guys on good looks alone.I didn’t have it in me to split the contenders into have-stickers and have-nots.Modern AUChapter Two: Therapy Ruby walked next door to the house her best friend lived in.She walked through the house to the door labeled 'Cinder Fall, Psychiatrist'.

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There have been many awkward and possibly embarrassing moments in my life. On the ladies’ side we had 17 fairly pretty Chinese women; one lone, super kawaii Japanese girl; myself, and a big, black lady that spoke little Chinese and no Japanese (just how the hell did she find this place? The men were mostly Japanese (surprisingly), but with a good mix of Chinese thrown in. The others were typical Japanese salarymen with black slacks, button up white shirts and perfect hair.

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