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But I think that’s what makes it so cool.” According to Craven, “everyone” included one of the film’s principal producers, Bob Weinstein.

“Bob was worried that Emma was a little small and slight for the role,” says the director.

The cover stars of our Young Hollywood issue have a remarkable amount in common.

Yet it’s precisely that contrast that makes the pair such a perfect illustration of Hollywood’s shifting nature right now, at a moment when the lines are blurring between indie and studio, underground and establishment.

” She’d also love to collaborate on a clothing line at some point (Chloë Sevigny’s venture with Opening Ceremony is a personal favorite) and spend more time in New York, where she says it’s easier to live life outside the celebrity-industrial complex that sometimes gets her down in L. The other day, for example, she found a photographer waiting for her outside her house. “In New York you can become anonymous; I think I’ve seen paparazzi there twice. But in New York everyone’s just like, ‘Whatever.’” Every time Rory Culkin wraps work on a movie he rewards himself with some kind of gift.

The last time I was there I walked by Liev Schreiber on the street, and I was thinking, If this was L. Because he began his career as a five-year-old playing younger versions of his older brothers in movies like he chose between learning a musical instrument and continuing the boxing lessons the studio had him take before filming began. “Boxing’s just a little more mindless and takes me away from everything,” he says.

When I meet Culkin for drinks one afternoon at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, he’s wearing faded jeans and a ratty white T-shirt; the next morning, Roberts turns up for coffee in Bel-Air in a delicate sweater and expensive-looking boots.

Culkin speaks with disarming honesty but avoids eye contact, as though talking about himself were somehow an embarrassment; Roberts exudes a politician’s intensity, gazing straight at you as she sells the point she’s making.

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Still, her enthusiasm wasn’t quite enough at first to win over her mom (who split from Emma’s dad when she was a baby).

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