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Rockabilly dating site us

Perhaps not surprisingly, Psychobilly follows a similar geographical pattern and is massive in places like England, Germany and the Netherlands.

In Latin America both scenes are big, but in pockets. It’s fledgling on the East Coast in NYC with promoters like “Rebel Angel” and “Amylulita” (a Latina) and psychobilly bands like the “Memphis Morticians” and rockabilly bands like “Susquehanna Tool & Die Company” helping to keep things alive at numerous venues in Brooklyn and at places like Otto’s Shrunken Head in downtown Manhattan.

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There is the massive Hootenanny Festival down in Orange County that is, yes, a hoot!

There is the big Ink & Iron tattoo and car show, the Mooneyes car show like the one I recently attended where thousands rockabilly and psychobilly enthusiast gather.

Psychobilly girls may dress a little bolder and dare I say rougher around the edges with possibly more tattoos and a more contemporary style of dress that can incorporate things like S&M, Goth or Horror.

When I interviewed Nick 13, lead singer of a few years back at the Warped Tour, he point blank stated that young Latinos’ loyalty to Morrissey and Tiger Army were key to their decision to lay down some Spanish tracks on their “Music From The Regions Beyond” CD.

The girls often dress like “I Love Lucy” or pin up icons “Marilyn Monroe” or the infamous cheesecake “Betty Page”. They often drive hooked up hot rods from the 50s and 60s, ones they’ve usually restored themselves.

Experiencing rockabilly’s subculture can feel like you’re taking a trip back to 1950s Americana but it’s not always the wholesome image that may come to mind.

While bad boys and girls have been with us since Adam and Eve, in the 50s there was an explosion of teenage car culture and the rebellious nature of rock-n-roll was the personification of that bad boy or bad girl image.

Perhaps this rang true especially in California where recent immigrants from nearby Mexico and Central America were soaking up this culture, perhaps in an effort to acculturate. Then there is rockabilly’s even slightly darker cousin, “Psychobilly”.

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