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Ongoing global warming is now affecting migratory cycles in a large variety of taxa in seasonally variable environments.

Disruption of migratory systems can cause population decline and affect ecosystem function across the globe.

This tendency to focus on the importance of spring phenology is not unique to the migration literature.

2002 - 2019 All Profiles owned and updated by the profile owners only.In addition, the rutting season overlaps with the autumn migration season in many species, and onset of male migration in autumn is less linked to environmental stimuli compared to female autumn migration in red deer (Cervus elaphus), and we lack an understanding of how different processes affect migration characteristics in spring versus autumn comparatively in male and female ungulates.In polygynous mammals, different factors limit male and female fitness.Lastly, the date of birth did not affect the body development of roe deer fawns.High constancy of mean birth dates and high synchrony of births observed in this population could account for this result.

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