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If you’re not familiar with generating JAXB classes, then take a look at this tutorial.

Since Spring WS doesn’t use a service contract, you must know the request and response type.

Communicating Errors to the Client But if we want to communicate errors back to our client, we need to make a spot for error messages in the XSD so we can send back errors that validate against the XSD.

The test below demonstrates how to create and instantiate a request object of a JAXB generated class, call the marshall Send And Receive method with it and how to cast the response object to an object of the JAXB generated response class.

Finally, the test asserts that the service returned the expected result. All the web service details are hiding in the configuration.

We’ve communicated to the client that there was an error with their request XML, and a phone number was missing.

This approach will handle your XSD validation errors, but for the message to even be checked for correctness, it must be valid XML.

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However, it wasn’t obvious from the example how you could return your own error messages when the client sends bad XML.