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Oz talked Lisa Oz's mom's ear off, and basically ignored Lisa's entire existence, he rang Lisa up and asked if she wanted to go out on the weekend for an official date.Lisa told he thought Lisa had pulled a "clingy" move. Lisa laid out her ground rules before they started dating, in terms of Dr. Surely a woman with such high standards would never accept a makeshift engagement ring, right? They got married in 1985, based on this post on the doctor's Instagram feed, and judging by this photo posted to his account, he has since upgraded her ring — thank goodness.magazine that despite what most people see as a perfect relationship, she and Dr. "We fight a lot and there are times when we're bored with each other," she said.

"Every seven years you have to reinvent the relationship — this is true not just for marriage, it's true for work and other friendships –- but especially in a marriage," he said. That was his strange way of saying his wife, Lisa Oz, has evolved throughout their marriage, and vice versa.

For example, many of my friends have fathers who’ve started businesses abroad, returning to visit wife and kids home in ‘murica only a handful times a year.

But typically, the husband and wife have spent years together building up their relationship before making a life change like this. I’ve wondered before about “ease of dating” between cities like LA vs SF vs NY. One pair has seen each other twice over the past 5 weeks.

Is she bored of him or is she really a Stage-5 clinger? Things have been busy in the Oz household ever since they welcomed their four children into their lives: Oliver (pictured, left), Daphne, Arabella, and Zoe Oz. Oz have made it a priority to ensure their home life revolves around a healthy and active lifestyle. Oz to start working out with her trainer, Joel Harper, and they also put their children through some rigorous physical activities to get them excited about working out and staying in shape. "Some were better at throwing balls, some were faster at running," Lisa said.

"So Mehmet developed game-like competitions where each child could win a medal.

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But beneath the outward appearance of a healthy and happy marriage, the doc and his wife are in the midst of one of the wackiest, most unconventional relationships we've ever seen. But their parents' attempt at hooking the two of them up didn't quite go as planned.

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