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Overcoming obsessions with dating

ROCD is a legitimate diagnosis and often requires treatment to alleviate the symptoms and habits associated with the condition completely. If it is all based on appearance or frivolous things, you'll know ROCD is rearing its head. If there is something in your relationship that isn't working, your partner may be able to help bring some clarity.Just as OCD can be treated and managed, so can ROCD. When you feel doubts creeping up about your partner or your relationship, take a few moments to sit down and truly think. Although it may seem strange, ROCD is not uncommon.But because it's so difficult to quantify, Wakin isn't sure if it will ever be classified as a disorder.Social psychologist Elaine Hatfield believes passionate love and limerence are "much the same." That is, they both create a sweeping "high" effect.By Sarah Fader Updated August 16, 2019 Reviewer Kay Adkins, LPC Relationships are difficult, and the transition period from the honeymoon phase of your relationship to a more settled, realistic phase can be challenging.

In limerent relationships, though, the need for the other person only becomes stronger with time, even when a breakup happens.

According to research conducted by psychologists Albert Wakin and Dorothy Tennov, you actually can be obsessed with your ex to the point where it becomes dangerous.

It's called "limerence."Limerence is, according to Wakin and Tennov, when someone spends a large amount of time trying to get over their ex, but, for whatever reason, are completely unable to move on.

Wakin and Tennov noticed those feelings abnormally lasted more than a year for their subjects, and those feelings always negatively impacted their romantic relationships.

Wakin also says the OCD-like tendency to long for someone the same way you'd long for an addictive drug isn't as uncommon as you'd think it would be.

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Although therapy is usually necessary for at least a portion of treatment, there are steps you can take to help manage your symptoms and get your relationship (and anxiety) on the right track. This disorder may be responsible (at least in part) for the long-held notion of "cold feet" as people with ROCD are plagued with fears and suspicions that their mates are not the right fit.

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