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One hour dating

I used to have a rule that if the guy didn't do anything to offend me, I would give him a second date and a second chance, even if I wasn't feeling any kind of connection on the first.

But that just became a waste of time for both the guy and myself.

(Leap Year helped a little with that, though.) There were some days when I had four back-to-back coffee dates.

By the end of the fourth date, I was exhausted and overly caffeinated.

So I said yes to almost every guy who asked me on a first date.Some of my dates lasted for four hours, and some lasted for only 35 minutes.But if after 30 minutes I didn't feel a connection or just wasn't having a good time, I would politely end the conversation and let him know that I had to leave.There's nothing wrong with a quick first date over one cup of coffee or a walk around the park.If there's a spark or interest, you can always plan a second date that's longer.

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A long-distance relationship and a 12-hour time difference? Anything seemed easier than losing a guy who made my heart dance like it was at a Calvin Harris concert. I have learned that I chase after guys who are in some way unavailable. The main reason I am is that I waste my time with too many Mr. Plus, February included Valentine's Day, and the last thing I wanted was to spend that day nestled into my couch cushion, sighing over another failed attempt at love.

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