Nurses dating surgeons

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Nurses dating surgeons

Try to get a job working 3 12s on a big unit because it will be flexible for having days off and switches.

Our relationship really isn’t much different from other people but it helps because he understands the stresses I have at work.

I will be finishing up with nursing school this upcoming year.

I was once premed so I understand the struggle of trying to get into medical school, and that gave us an understanding of the sacrifices that it takes, which we bonded on.

Be humble, love each other, put each other first whenever you can, and you'll be alright. I made bank and it took my mind off how much he couldn’t be around.

Now that he’s doing residency interviews, it’s a plus that he has a spouse who can easily uproot and find a job wherever we end up.

Truly, I ask this question because of horror stories I've heard of relationships souring because of overconfident physicians or doctors cheating with other physicians/med students. Until I hear about him yelling at OR nurses again then it won’t be. We talk shop when we need to decompress about something like a shitty outcome or day. At this point, this is very relatable in that he is currently an MLS and gripes about nurses and having to speak with nurses who "don't understand MLS or what they do" quite frequently.

I go about one week a month to visit, and travel so much that he’s been asked by a few attendings if his gf has a job haha.

Hey Everyone, I wanted to ask those nurses who are/have been married to doctors a couple of questions about your relationship with your doctor/medical student spouse.

My boyfriend is looking into going to medical school and will start next year.

I've always been put off by the idea of dating a doctor myself because I'm afraid of it being too much shop talk and venting and a general fear of being in a relationship where I'm serving as a caretaker for someone used to being taken care of, but that's more a personal problem....

You'll still be able to relate and communicate to your significant other about stuff at work or school.

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I've been on dates with other nurses/nursing students and literally all we talked about was nursing.

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