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We have changed our policy so that general questions that would apply to both are acceptable here.But I think this is one of those cases where it is a Raspberry Pi specific quirk. First off: I use arch now more than a year on a raspberry and I love it!I've decided to put my root to a usb flash drive and boot my pi from that, because on my SD, arch got corrupted every week...If your computer is connected to the Internet only for few minutes at a time, the network connection is often congested, you turn your computer off or suspend it frequently, the clock is not very stable (e.g.there are rapid changes in the temperature or it’s a virtual machine), or you want to use NTP on an isolated network with no hardware reference clocks in sight, .

command usually reports a small number of samples retained for a source (e.g.A median filter can be enabled in order to update the clock at a reduced rate with more stable measurements. Authentication is no longer supported in the command protocol.Commands that required authentication are now allowed only through a Unix domain socket, which is accessible only by the root and 210 Number of sources = 3 MS Name/IP address Stratum Poll Reach Last Rx Last sample =============================================================================== ^* foo.2 6 377 34 484us[ -157us] /- 30ms ^- bar.2 6 377 34 33ms[ 32ms] /- 47ms ^ baz.3 6 377 35 -1397us[-2033us] /- 60ms the clock would be stepped in the first three updates if its offset was larger than one second.Normally, it’s recommended to allow the step only in the first few updates, but in some cases (e.g.a computer without an RTC or virtual machine which can be suspended and resumed with an incorrect time) it may be necessary to allow the step on any clock update.

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The example above would change to directive, the offset between the two reference clocks must be smaller than 0.2 seconds in order for the PPS reference clock to work.