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To use this technique for forms, use option "_24" instead.

It's not nearly as useful with forms as it is with reports, however, because in older versions of Access you can open hidden forms but not hidden reports. Any time you turn off the screen display, you absolutely must include an error handler in your routine that will immediately reenable screen updates if an error occurs.

Most of these options are documented (see the online help topics for Get Option/Set Option), while a few items are not documented but do useful work.

In that case, you may want to try an alternate technique, calling the parallel .

You may find, depending on the version of Access you're using, that this method of disabling screen updates isn't perfect.

Because Access has no idea that you've turned them off, Access itself occasionally turns on screen updates.

For example, depending on how you open forms and reports in design mode, completely hiding the properties sheet may be difficult.

In the sample application, will completely remove that properties sheet from the screen when you open the report in design view.

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To retrieve the information about the report properties sheet in Access 97 or 95, use a call like this: This will retrieve a string containing information on the report properties sheet's location and whether or not to display it when you open a report in design view.

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