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Don't be fake, but don't mistake being honest and gross as preferable if it’s the only reality you know.

Putting aside the patriarchy, gender equality, who earns the most and the fact you may be tighter than a crab's arse, there is a very simple "rule" for who foots the bill for a date – if you asked them out, you offer to pay.

Carpet-bombing someone with attention isn't going to endear you to them.

Learning to take no for an answer and reviewing rejection are essential if you do want someone to be interested in you.

But anybody who wants to spend all eternity being treated with mild contempt by a potential lover probably deserves to spend their nights waiting for a phone to ring. If you're going to be a rare curio, at least be worth the wait..

Turning up in a filthy singlet and frayedboot cuts might work one date in 100, or on a DH Lawrence-themed fetish night, but it is no way to live your life. You still need to make an effort, be visible, meet new people, and show your face.

It’s exhausting to be on the other side of this, believe me. I know some people really love being kept on their toes for three hours solid but you have no way of knowing this on the first date and one of you always takes it too far, usually over the subject of a fat arse or a big nose or dodgy taste in music. Compliments aren't necessarily cheesy or unwelcome; sometimes we need to hear it. The people who perpetuate this kind of hair-pulling and freezing out and generally having no sodding idea where you stand from one minute to the next shouldn't be dated anyway – whether they're doling it out or saying they prefer it as a seduction technique.

You might not be expecting it, but you do need to be half-ready. We put a lot of pressure upon ourselves to be sane, sorted and deliriously happy, but the fact is the modern world is a garbage fire and most of us are desperately clambering up the inside of the dumpster trying to escape.I know couples who bonked on the first date and are still together 15 years later, gloriously miserable with children and mortgaged up to their immaculately lacquered hairdos.Likewise, I know guys and girls who wait for the big bang and never get beyond six months.Any self-respecting nice guy wouldn't mind finishing last – it's only polite. The idea that someone who will have sex with you after just one date isn't a keeper or doesn't deserve your respect is one of the most harmful and mealy mouthed old tropes in dating.Just think of all the sex that could be happening if we banished this boring old myth.

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Below is some online dating advice for men that you likely won’t see anywhere else.