Lamia dating jordan

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Lamia dating jordan

However, the species also harbor a hidden romantic streak; favoring reading/writing poetry and sharing diary entries with their intended lovers. Melusines (メリュジーヌ, Meryujīnu) are a lamia subspecies with dragon wings on their backs.Due to this, they share characteristics with Dragonewts.

In the depths, Jormungandr grew to gargantuan size and became embroiled in a rivalry with the god Thor. • Vampire • Vanishing Hitchhiker • Werewolf • Yokai • Zombie • Other Races (Manga) • Other Races (Game) Breast Pump • Call of Cthulhu • Centorea's Weapons • Chevrolet Silverado • Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill • Gashapon • Humidifier • Jeep Wrangler Rubicon • Kakashi • Karaoke • Kendama • Kokeshi • Kotatsu • M.

Privately indulging themselves with pendants and knick-knacks, they become greatly pleased and distracted if a male states that he considers them cute.

Medusae (メデューサ, Medyūsa), also known as Gorgons (ゴーゴン, Gōgon), are a subspecies of Lamia with snakes for hair.

As a culture they place high value on pleasure and sensuality and have earned a reputation as having the highest libidos amongst the Lamia subspecies.

Their unrepentant pursuit and knowledge of sexuality and their unabashed interest and desire in all forms and functions of sex is infamous even amongst the already sexually-free lamia species. The Sea Serpent is a reptilian liminal race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a sea snake.

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A subspecies of the Lamia, Sea Serpents were a type of "Sea Monster" that first appeared in ancient Norse mythology, but have since appeared in one form or another in the myths of virtually every existing culture that has had interactions with the sea.

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