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Kenija love dating

In 2013, a group of Kenyan civil society organisations presented a report to the Committee Against Torture stating that people who are LGBT in Kenya face constant harassment, violence and death threats by police officials, who also blackmail them with threats of arrest if they refuse to pay bribes.20 Although such harassment still exists, there have been an increasing number of court rulings in the favour of LGBT communities, for example in 2015 the high court ruled that the ‘National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (NGLHRC)’ could formally register their organization with the Non-Governmental Organizations coordination board.

Originally, their request to join had been rejected as their organisation was seen as ‘unacceptable’ and at odds with the illegal status of homosexuality in Kenya.21 In 2011, an estimated 18.3% of people who inject drugs (sometimes referred to as PWID) in Kenya were living with HIV.22 The majority of people who inject drugs are concentrated in specific geographical areas such as Nairobi and Mombasa.23 Condom use amongst people who inject drugs is increasing, rising from 24.7% in 2011 to 70.3% in 2015.24 The introduction of harm reduction services since 2012 is also helping to address unsafe injecting practices, and in 2016, UNAIDS found nearly 90% of people who inject drugs had used a clean syringe last time they injected, compared to 51.6% in 2012.25 More than half (51%) of all new HIV infections in Kenya in 2015 occurred among adolescents and young people (aged 15-24 years), a rapid rise from 29% in 2013.26 Many of these infections will have occurred among young key populations.

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– 12 A 2015 study led by GNP found Kenyan sex workers face heightened risk of violence with little or no protection from law enforcement officers.

For example, whilst all respondents who had experienced rape had accessed post-rape medical care, none had reported the incidents to the police for fear of being prosecuted for engaging in sex work.

In 1996, 10.5% of Kenyans were living with HIV, although prevalence has almost halved since then, standing at 5.9% by 2015.

The doctor refused to take me to theatre saying that he can never touch a person with HIV he also said that he is very sure that the child I am carrying is also positive.

As of 2015, 660,000 children were recorded as being orphaned by AIDS.5 However, a disproportionate number of new infections happen among people from key populations.

In 2014, it was estimated that 30% of new annual HIV infections in Kenya are among these groups. Geographic location is also a factor, with 65% of all new infections occurring in nine out of the country’s 47 counties – mainly on the west coast of Kenya.7.

In particular, new HIV infections in major cities Nairobi and Mombasa increased by more than 50% (from a collective total of 4,707 in 2013 to 7,145 in 2015).8 As a result, HIV prevalence ranges from from 0.1% in Wajir to 25.4%in Homa Bay.9 Sex workers have the highest reported HIV prevalence of any group in Kenya.

The most recent data from 2011 estimates 29.3% of female sex workers are living with HIV.10 Similarly, a 2015 study of female sex workers in Nairobi found that around one-third were living with HIV.11 They said that I was careless and irresponsible that’s why I got infected.

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