Jonas dating selena gomaz

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And their fourth — and final — studio album may have debuted at No. Their busy dating lives became catnip for fans and tabloids alike, though some stories only came to light years later, once they left the Disney factory and became more open. Nick dated Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus (and later wrote romantic odes about marriage foreshadowing his — rather precocious — nuptials to Priyanka Chopra).

But their relationships were also a sign that they were aging out of their wholesome Disney franchise.

They opened for groups like the Veronicas and Jesse Mc Cartney, and the brothers used My Space to cultivate a fanbase.

Still, the record underperformed and they were dropped by the label.

The reunion is a standard moment in a boy band’s life cycle.

The New Kids on the Block are still touring — on land and on water.

But Disney was less interested in their songwriting than their marketability.

(The world continues to wait on NSYNC, presumably because Justin Timberlake is busy making derided albums.) Yet as successful as these tours are, a whiff of desperation tends to cling to them.

It was only after their recent reunion that they revealed how the rings became a major talking point they were forced to contend with.

Even at the time, the brothers struggled to define themselves as a tween franchise.

Their subsequent success — with the 2007 follow-up Jonas Brothers — came not thanks to some kind of major reinvention, but with their backing by Disney, and its Hollywood Records label, which gave them a built-in platform and audience.

They had already written and contributed to Disney soundtracks in their Columbia days, so the move made sense.

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They weren’t even unique to the brothers within the Disney stable; Miley Cyrus also wore one.