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The first is "guilty beyond a reasonable doubt." In an entrapment case, the police have recordings or documents claiming that the "girl" was underaged. state sent me a "nasty letter," I asked my lawyer if the state would ever come after me.

If there is no such smoking gun from the (real) girl, the case (probably) would not be prosecuted in the U. He doesn't have to prove that she told him she was 18; "she" (or the police) has to prove that she told him she was "not." The second factor is "remoteness" in time, and distance. He answered, "If they were going to do this, you would have heard further by now." The other factor, distance and cross border, (three countries: Turkey, the U.

S., his home country) further militates against prosecution except for highly aggravating circumstances such as drug dealing, gambling, or sex for pay.

Assume it happened on a fake Facebook account or the Kik app for instance.

As you know, there's a lot of scams like this but my question assumes that the situation isn't a scam.

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(Assume that there's no screenshots of when she lied about her age and said she's 18) Would he be extradited? I have contacted an expert on online security and he said that less than 1% of domestic cybercrime is prosecuted, and that international cybercrimes very rarely get prosecuted, except for fraud, because there's a lot of 'serious offenders' overseas.