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Another was that last wee Vs spending cats included 0 mil¬ lion in foreign aid, which he administers. Prentice, said he supported spending reductions as port of an effort to bring down the inflation rate, but objected to the composition of the cuts. The third and most fundamental reason for the move was Mr.

Prentice’s belief that's.leadership had not done enough to combat radical influences within the party.

The country has lacked the'sort of leadership it should have had under both parties, and I want to be free to develop these ideas from the back benches^”_ _ Thousands Cross Jordan River TEL AVIV, Dec.

21 (Reuters)—A record of 900.000 people crossed the Jordan River bridges in the first 11 months of this year, a senior officer of the military adminis tration of toe occupied West Bank- said here today. Frqm Fieldcrest To itisfy a passion for perfection, one opulent, integrated ■ok.

the previous evening; they said: “The best thing we can do is to kill you, as we can see that you dont want to listen.” Then, according to Police Superintend¬ ent Brian Thomas, the guerrillas rounded up toe workers—-about 40 men and 85 women and children—ransacked their rooms for valuables and forced them to run about half a mile to a shed used forgruding tea. The guerrillas had said they would kill everyone at a bridge. Thomas, they said that “there wasn’t enough light for them to do the job properly.” At the shed, the guerrillas forced the women and children to sit with their heads between their knees and the men lie about three yards away, with their faces to the ground..

They opened fire, and "after machine-gunning the men, the terrorists then walked among the bodies, bayonetting all that seemed to be alive,” Mr. Twenty-seven of the workers were killed and II wounded. Troops based at a nearby camp heard the attackers' fire at PM and reached the scene less than an hour later.

It would be improper to be Confidence Called Absolute Consumer Price Index was the same as in the clubs then, and'I would have to , , . work something out” He a Iso vigorousty defended^his hoth- For the 12 months that ended in Mr. won't be in nilmgs and his attitude about the future eight-tenths o Fl. Washington forever.” °f the Justice Department and thejudi- The purchasing-power of the typical The Attorney General-designate also o Exy itself will withstand any stxutiny^ r^tfnnert on Page' 52, Column 5 .27 Moviaf 34-40 UAlt moau a nmuur .26 Music .......34-40 Foreign Minister Fahmy said .2Y Sa Si? The men were gunned down Sunday in front of their wives and children by black nationalist guerrillas whose orders to plantation workers to quit their jobs had gone unheeded. Cosmetics, Street Floor compact protection The Knirps® umbrella you can take anywhere ~ in your bag.

program which, if you are eligible, will supplement your present income up to 6.70 per monft! NOW: Scharfs Bronxwood’s luxury and SSI— you’ve earned ttism—a) take advantage at it. 17.15, Rates to o Uier enantrlea Palestinian refu- southeast Beirut . Michel on your holiday shopping list for the finest leather, suede & sheepskin £ggg| M Is 6 bountiful courses featuring some of the finest cuisine in America for only .95 per person, prix fixe. Fiery Fina diamonds set in 14k white gold — still a girl's best fashion friend! meeting place in front of Moscow’s syna- - gogue (tedded in the absence of- the Professor Held at Airport LON^N^21(^An Amenam of Grigory Rorenshtein, one rf the de- uuiversi Qr professor des^fted today hw tamed speakers. Daywear, Fifth Floor ■ : - 1 sold in stock 19.99-59.99 For that very speci gift (or for yourself)..

Marshall in a nationally tele* - ' spedii to The n«w York T&aa about membership he holds in two Atlanta vised appearance at an.agricnlturei extend WASHINGTON, Dec. said today: "This was an act of sickening, cold-blooded bar¬ barity which would be unbelievable if one - had. On the Plaza in New York and White Plains £ BERGDORF __ GOODMAN ™“ Mail to 754 Fifth Avenue, New York 10019 (212) PL3-7300 Please add J.35 beyond our delivery area.

• 21—Consumer clubs whose rosters list no blacks and sion center here, the President-elect, in- prices rose a relatively moderate three- few, if any, Jews. not seen the shot bayoneted bodies of the terrorists’ victims.” Government officials said yesterday that about 30 guerrillas entered the tea .plantation on Sunday and took about 80 blacks from their huts.

In his statement, he said Britain might need a new party that would reflect the wishes of those who fipd thd Tories too conservative and the Laborites too vulnerable to'special inter¬ est groups.

‘1 intend to continue in the Labor Party in the foreseeable future," he said, “but I hope there will be a realignment in- British politics.

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