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Or you may have to implement the Merge Event Listener to throw optimistic locking exception inthat case has suggested and it worked for me.

But really i don't want to waste a database call to first fetch the record, and do the processing, If i am telling Hibernate that i have updated this object's update time then why should he is not just updating that thing only by his Id. It is part of the state of the entity and null values are saved to the database just as any other value.

But In updation what i want to do is I Only want to update only those field which has been changed, e.g in my example only update_time and update_user will be changed, so only this columns should be updated not the create_user, and create_update query is also running and it is updating all the fields like,update role... The dynamic-update option only works when the entity was loaded by the session.

I like to share my knowledge with others especially on technology 🙂 I have given all the examples as simple as possible to understand for the beginners.it should automatically fetch that tuple of Id 5, and then only update that column, if it found that create_user is having a value other than Null, then it should leave it as it is, and if it is Null then also leave it as it is. Null is not a signal to Hibernate that nothing has changed.If you are worried about database hits you should consider setting up a second-level cache.Modifications made after this are detected and if dynamic-update="true" only the modified properties are included in the SQL.I tried it once and it worked for simple properties, but it felt a bit unsafe with collections and associations, so I gave up the idea.

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if it is not the defualt value then leave it as it is, why r u setting it to defualt Value.

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