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When they are not exploding, they are thinking the following: “My parents don’t have a clue, so what’s the point of trying to explain myself?

I’ll just tune them out.” Clamming up or exploding are both ways your teenagers attempt to manage their stress and defend themselves.

Start from a place of understanding, and try to put yourself in your child’s shoes first before telling her what needs to change.

I’ve found that doing this tends to open kids’ ears.

Try to just focus on your job as a parent, it will help you be less emotional.It drives you crazy because you’re thinking, “She’s barely getting by in school and she doesn’t seem to care or understand that she needs to do her homework.” Your teen, on the other hand, is thinking, “I have to get online and talk with Skyler.If we don’t make up after the fight we had in the hall today, all the other girls will be against me.” You and your child are living in two different realities. Try to be understanding of her reality, even if you don’t completely get it.Don’t ask loaded questions that put your child on the defensive. But, be sure to let him know that you are there to help him figure out solutions, to consult with him.Oh, and be sure to let him deal with the natural consequences of his behaviors. Your ultimate goal is to help your child think for himself.

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Thinking for himself will, in turn, help him feel like he has some control over his world.

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