Free dating succubus

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Free dating succubus

I lived alone in my tiny apartment and was away from home. The woman who had me caught simple held me in place on the bed and snoozed.

I doubted anyone would search for my body until weeks after it rotted to bone. Her drool poured like a leaky faucet from her mouth. For a woman with the body and bust of a world-class runway model, I thought her strength was tremendous.

Her hair burned hotter than the flames of hell itself and dropped down to her waist.

She shook her head and the horns on top of it as she asked, "What's for breakfast?

Seeing that sleep wasn't an option, I decided to wait till she woke to finally start negotiations out of the situation.

And, well, I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

After the dirty deed, we sat awkwardly in the living room over a cup of coffee which she seemed unfamiliar with as she sniffed it and recoiled at its bitter taste.

Within a vice grip of hand and claw, my torso was snared tightly by naked woman with wings protruding her back.

I tried to scream, but a sharp hand immediately covered the entrance to my mouth.

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" I asked with a wave of the cleaver, "Or what are you?