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The Vha Tsonga make up 17.0% of the population while their neighbors the Vha Venda make up 16.7%.The Pulana and Khilobedu languages are in an unwritten form and efforts have been made to resuscitate the languages.The bushveld is beef cattle country, where extensive ranching operations are often supplemented by controlled hunting.

Most Matebele (Baka Langa and Baka Seleka) clans have been assimulated into the Pedi and Tswana communities and its not surprising now to find a Kekana who thinks they are Pedi.

The name "Limpopo" has its etymological origin in the Ndebele language, meaning "strong gushing waterfalls". The province was formed from the northern region of Transvaal Province in 1994, and was initially named Northern Transvaal.

The following year, it was renamed Northern Province, which remained the name until 2003, when it was formally changed to Limpopo after deliberation by the provincial government and amendment of the South African Constitution.

The final number of ZCC members is most likely between 8 and 10 million, in total, according to figures provided by Neal Collins from The New Age and Alex Matlala from The Citizen, two South African newspapers.

Limpopo Province shares international borders with districts and provinces of three countries: Botswana's Central and Kgatleng districts to the west and northwest respectively, Zimbabwe's Matabeleland South and Masvingo provinces to the north and northeast respectively, and Mozambique's Gaza Province to the east.

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The Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism has targeted the province as a preferred eco-tourism destination.