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See what meeting rooms look like, so you can actually find breakout spaces.If people are apprehensive because they believe only artists and writers are creative, they might get some courage by watching Emily Gilbert’s TED talk.

Give people enough information with your invite so they can bring ideas to the meeting instead of starting from scratch.

You’ll stifle creativity if you limit it to the everyday work space.

A change of setting can inspire thinking in new ways.

If you can’t cajole ’em to pass a budget, try forcing ’em. David Paterson this morning threatened to call a special session of the Legislature to force state lawmakers to return to Albany in hopes of getting a deal on the budget, which is now almost one month late.

During an interview with WCBS 880 AM Radio, Paterson stressed that he has not yet included his plan to furlough public employees one day a week in emergency budget extenders, which would essentially force legislators to choose between infuriating state worker unions and a government shutdown.

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Employing connective tissue (fascia) manipulation, movement education, journaling and embodied meditation, SOMA Bodywork facilitates change that increases awareness, ease and vitality.

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