Dysfunctional dating relationships

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Dysfunctional dating relationships

I am in a dysfunctional relationship and yes it did take A toll on every other aspect of my life for a long while and I Endured it and still enduring it perhaps because there kids involved Maybe because for a long time I had a very low self esteem And it got me really depressed to a Point of thinking of giving up .. One day I found this site, and it got me to think of me Of how I see myself And then some how my point of view on this turned 180 degrees I found that when I am 100% aware of who I am and When I am on the right path for change and self fulfillment I can run the world , including running a dysfunctional relationship up to a satisfactory and hardly abusive level. And after reading a few of your books, I would never date a man that does not have his priorities straight…if the guy isn’t passionate about his life and his job…he won’t be passionate with me.I have to agree, I wouldnt want a life partner who has to be medicated in order to cope with life.If I would describe it myself I’d say my energysystem needs extra adjustment.Great for relationship and dating and even married couple–those red flags are real.I’ll come back and listen again Great advice but even though there are a lot of red flags, some that you say are “deal breakers,” I think I’ll hang around for another 25 years in spite of it Leo, Also I wanted to add one more flag to this: I always look how people talk about other people. Because when you are not with them, they are going to treat and talk about you in the same way.

There are a great many successful and enlightened individuals with mental health conditions.

And the 2 men I loved, in subsequent relationships during this 8 year period, were amazing to me throughout this process.

I handled this independently, but their acceptance of me and my stage of recovery taught me that I was worthy of being in healthy relationships, even though I had these issues.

Great video otherwise I have to agree with Leo on this one.

I also suffer from suicidal depression and anxiety. But in my experience I have never seen a functional relationship, it may start out okay but it won’t take long before it ends up dead and boring or falls apart, until someone has achieved enlightenment they are psychologically ill and psychological ill people cannot have a healthy relationship. You were spot on with the warning signs of abusive relationships.

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