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If a writable 2008 DC is not accessible, the RODC does a query for NS record and picks up “ANY” entry present there.Then the RODC attempts to perform a RSO (Replicate Single Object) operation with the selected NS.The basics of DNS are not hard to pick up, but DNS can quickly become complex in larger organizations with multiple DNS servers that serve only portions of the internal networks.However, on smaller networks that use only a few portions the configuration can be very simple and can be easily managed by someone with a good understanding of networks and how DNS operates.The RODC does not hold a writeable copy of the DNS zone.When the RODC queries for the SOA record, it returns the name of a writable domain controller from the NS list that runs Windows Server 2008 or later and hosts the Active Directory–integrated zone, just as a secondary DNS server handles updates for zones that are not Active Directory–integrated zones.

Therefore, if there are no 2008 or newer RWDCs in the NS list, and the RODC chooses a 2003 DC, then the RODC will generate an Event 4015 when it tries to perform the RSO operation with a DNS server that runs Windows Server 2003.

Once a Windows DNS server is up and has been configured with a forward and reverse lookup zone it is ready to be configured with DNS records.

This article will start with a brief overview of the primary types of DNS records and will then walk through the configuration of basic DNS record types in Windows Server 2008 r2 and Windows Server 2012. Besure to check out our other articles in this series: “Installing the DNS Server Role on Windows Server 2008 R2,” “Installing the DNS Server Role on Windows Server 2012,” and “Configuring Forward and Reverse Lookup Zones in Windows Server 2008 R.”) This walkthrough is on Windows Server 2012, but similar steps can be taken on Windows Server 2008 R2.

Dynamic updates are serviced by referring clients to a writeable domain controller when they attempt to send an update to an RODC.

It is useful for the RODC to include the client’s updated resource record in the zone as quickly as possible, so the RODC tracks the client that attempted the update, and the writable domain controller to which the client was referred.

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Hopefully this article will help in learning the Windows DNS Server role and how it can be configured to meet the requirements of an organization.

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