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I don't want to get hurt; nobody does."Those who have lambasted Whitney for lacking rhythm and not dancing are in for a surprise when her nationwide concert tour begins this spring. Hitmakers Narada Michael Walden and Michael Masser also contribute their talents, as they did on the first two albums.Her double-platinum I'm Your Baby Tonight album presents a harder-edged, more streetwise Whitney Houston, thanks to hit producers L. And so do her good friend Luther Vandross ("Who Do You Love") and her idol, Stevie Wonder, who writes, produces and joins her for the duet, "We Didn't Know."During performances on the Arsenio Hall Show and Saturday Night Live, Whitney was - as she says - "jamming," and that was just a preview."Yes, I can jam, but it ain't no big thing to me," she says after demonstrating her agile, rhythmic moves during rehearsals in Miami. People love me because I can sing, and that is what I concentrate on. I would rather sing than be able to do the |running man.' I don't take dancing very seriously." she says, pointing her slender index fingers inward for emphasis."It is better to preserve yourself because nobody likes anything that's old and worn out." She laughs exuberantly."For her 26th birthday, Whitney threw a big bash at her million Morris County, N.J., estate that has an Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis court and 32-track recording studio. "Yes, Edward gave me this ring."It is the only piece of jewelry she wears other than a diamond cross - from her mother, Cissy Houston - in one ear."Yeah, we're friends," she says of Murphy.We have a different kind of closeness than Eddie and I.") about three years ago, and "We've been dating ever since." But, she admits, there are times when she does not want to even think about Eddie Murphy. "Whitney says she prefers to date men with a sense of humor "who know the Lord" and "who know who they are" and can just be themselves. All that other stuff is just the |gravy' we have become. "Randall is a warm, very caring, very giving and loving young man," she says, gently stroking her Angora cat, Misteblu. I have a lot of respect for him, because it's very hard to get out there and bang heads, and get banged. "I'm a very patient woman," she explains, adding that she's had her share of heartbreaks."Like with any man, he can get on your nerves," she says. "Basically," she says, "if you put Whitney Houston aside, what you'll find is a woman. "I don't want to fall in love; I want to walk in and find out what I'm loving.

So how can you say that this is what I am or what I do?

I take this [she gently caresses her long slender throat] very seriously, because this is my life."But dancing is fun, and if that's what people want, then cool, I can give that portion of myself to them. I'm a public servant in that sense."With that attitude, she welcomed the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the 1991 Super Bowl so she could show support for American troops in the Persian Gulf.

Proceeds from the sale of the CDs and videos will benefit the Red Cross' fund to help military families.

Yet, I've gotten flak about being a pop success, but that doesn't mean that I'm White.....

Pop music has never been all-White."It is a criticism that disturbs Whitney, but she is not bitter.

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Among the many celebrity guests was Eddie Murphy, long rumored to be her heartthrob. "Just two very friendly people, the kind of friends that don't really have a got-to-see-you, got-to-have-you kind of relationship.