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These two gods bore pairs of lesser gods representing the heavens, earth and other natural phenomena.

At first, all gods lived within Tiamat’s body, but eventually, her grandson Marduk rebelled, killed Tiamat, and formed the earth from her corpse.

The first, presumed to be written by priestly caste of ancient Israel after their Babylonian captivity, is often compared with the ancient Babylonian creation myth, the Enuma Elish.

Combat myths were a popular way to describe the cosmic battle between order (good) and chaos (evil/destruction) in the ancient world.

Biblical scholars often associate these two creation stories to different time frames.

While it can’t be proven that Genesis is a direct response to the Enuma Elish, it seems as though its author was aware of the Enuma Elish’s concepts and wanted to rebut its core polytheistic ideas.

That said, even if the first and second accounts of Genesis were written by different authors during different time frames in regards to different subject matters, they are meant to be read in tandem.

Usually, chaos gods are defeated by younger gods and in the process, humanity is created out of their drama. According to the Enuma Elish, Apsu, “the begetter,” and the goddess Tiamat were the first two primeval entities.

Both are associated with water: Apsu representing waters lying under the earth and Tiamat representing the seas lying above.

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Each provides a unique framework for understanding Jewish monotheistic belief.

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